Tell us why Canada needs child care!

Children and families in Canada have a right to access quality, affordable child care services. Yet, only 20% of young children today have access to a regulated space and, in many regions, child care fees are the second highest expense for young families.

Early childhood educators (ECE’s) also have a right to be socially valued and properly paid for their work, yet ECE professionals earn about half as much, on average, as other college-trained workers. From grandparents to economists, working parents to student parents, health care professionals to social workers, early childhood educators to university professors - and so many others - everyone has a child care story.

Now is the time to add your voice to the chorus of people across Canada who say
"We Need Child Care".

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When telling your story, please include your perspective (mother, grandfather, student, etc) city and province.


No Spots Available & no funding!!

I work 40 hours a week as an Insurance Broker but still cannot afford a Daycare spot at a regular daycare for my two boy's.  I have to pay a stranger a large amount to watch them in her home.  She is not regulated and I take a huge risk by leaving my kids with a stranger but have no other option if I want to continue to work.

Once I get approved for a daycare funding I have to scramble to find a spot.  I was told I would likely be on the list for over a year & if I can't find a spot within three weeks after I'm approved I loose my opportunity to receive the funding.

Most daycares in my area have a wait list so I am left feeling hopeless.

Can someone please tell me why people on WELFARE'S KIDS are taking up all the daycare spots. Are they not asked when they call for aaisstance what their occupation is??

Peed off mother in Peterborough

My daughter is on WELFARE as

My daughter is on WELFARE as you put it do to some very bad circumstances. Not ones you would likley want to experience. She is trying to get OFF and OUT of that degrading system and has a young son. She went back to school to get upgrading in her vocation and has had to leave the school due to funding that was promised her for daycare that did NOT come through. She can no longer keep her son in daycare to get herself OFF WELFARE and is left once again stuck and stranded. You're a working mother asking for daycare subsidy or funding through who?  As a society the system needs to change. I'm not sure about your area but for those who want to help themselves it seems to me the SYSTEM and the WELFARE offices would rather you stay down in a hole as to not put them out of a job! So not too sure why you have children of parents on WELFARE filling your daycares as that is not the case here. Are you miss informed? Are these parents actually working and on subsidy? Your comment makes no sense. Sorry, but I have taken offence at your comment as I see my daughter making a huge effort to get out of that system and short of being forced to stand on a street corner I am not sure how she is suppose to do so... Shehas just as much a right to childcare as you do.

Change is good. Funding is necessary!

A few years ago, I became pregnant, and it completely turned my life upside down.  It happened by accident, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

I was petrified.  I was single, and I didn’t have a steady job.  My husband had left me a few years prior and I had lost my home in the divorce.  I was living with roommates.  But I was already thirty-two and couldn’t live with the idea of abortion.

I had been doing temp work in a factory off and on, and when I started to get uncomfortable standing on concrete floors all day I decided it was time to stop.  I got a job doing data entry when I was five months pregnant and moved in with a friend’s mother.  Seeing that I was miserable with my situation, another friend offered me a room in her place in St. Catharines, so I left my old life behind and had my baby in a new city, far from family and all my other friends.  My friend left to go to school in another city, and I found a place of my own.  By this time, my unemployment had run out, and my only income came from welfare.  I had some help from the local food bank, and the United Church.  But there were nights when my son had a fever and I had to borrow $10 to get medicine for him.  I did not want him to get stuck in the cycle of poverty.  I had been thinking about going back to school for many years, but when I was married I had no motivation.   Now I was determined to become self-reliant so that I could set a good example for my son, and never have to depend on someone else for my livelihood.

My original plan was to become a Veterinary Technician, but although I had a university degree, I didn’t have the grade twelve science courses that were prerequisites.  The Lifetime Learning Centre had academic upgrading courses, and because I was on Ontario Works, the fees were waived.  The bonus was, right there on campus, they had the Sven Dohnberg Centre, a daycare for my son, who was now still only seven months old.  I signed up for Chemistry, Biology, and Math, and put my son on the waiting list for the daycare.  They called me with an opening for him just in time for me to start classes two weeks late. 

I managed to catch up in record time, however, and while I was there, I changed my mind several times about where I wanted to go to college.  I found out that I was still very smart and did well in school.  The teachers were wonderful as well, and encouraged me daily.  All this gave me the confidence I needed to get to where I am today.

It was my son’s progress at Sven Dohnberg that finally gave me the direction I needed.  The caregivers there were really amazing, with the children and their parents.  I was able to stop feeling guilty about stopping breastfeeding so that I could go back to school, because he really enjoyed being there and was learning so much himself. 

I was so impressed with the work they did, and how much they seemed to enjoy it, that I decided that I wanted to be an ECE.  I stayed at the LLC for another semester, and took a parenting course and a co-op with an Elementary School.  The next fall I entered college and I have now completed the ECE program at Mohawk.

I am certain that if I hadn't been able to get daycare I would not have been able to return to school and would not now be working full time.  I would likely still be on OW, depressed and without hope.  My son would not be the bright and striving young man that he is, and I fear he would be stuck in the cycle of poverty.  I have also learned that quality affordable child care is extremely important to child development, families (especially those below the poverty level), and the economy.  Canada is lagging far behind other western countries.  It's time to change this!!

Childcare DOES Exist!

Just like you, I am a concerned citizen who's number one priority is to provide the best childcare for Canadian children.  However, this forum to me seems to be solely supporting the public system and does not give witness to the several childcare centres that already exist. 

Growing up, I watched my mother enhance the lives of thousands of children every year with her Montessori schools.  This year, I have taken on her legacy and opened a new location in the Cooksville area of Mississauga.  As a Montessori child from the start, I understand the importance of fostering a love of learning in each child.  The independence and confidence that they develop sets the foundation for a lifetime of success.  The results of Montessori are tremendous.  Coming right out of a Montessori school, I began in the public school system at the age of 6. I was reading at a Grade 4 level and writing at a Grade 5 level.  By age 8, I was reading the dictionary and calculating math problems before bed.  I did this simply because Montessori had always taught me to follow my interest.  This is what motivates me daily when opening a Montessori school of my own.  I would like each child to enjoy the learning process and to continue to take the optimism and positivity throughout life to become successful, productive contributing members of society.

Now, as a Montessori-trained teacher, I can see the value of the foundation that was built during my early years. With Montessori, learning is a holistic experience and every piece of material has a purpose.  A child can move freely between the five different areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Culture, Language, and Math and learn a multitude of concepts on his or her own pace.  We are not simply there to supervise your children on a regular basis but rather to prepare a high quality environment for their optimum growth. 

Here is where my dilemma arises.  I would like to offer the same learning experience that I had to every child who comes through my doors.  I require the assistance of the government - federally, provincially, and regionally, and of the people to advocate.  I find concepts other than the popular High Scope method that is used within government-run childcare centres are often discriminated against.  A parent must be allowed to choose not based on the price of admission but upon the standards of education and childcare that they would prefer for their child.   Perhaps if Montessori schools were also supported by the government just as High Scope daycare centres are, I would never have to turn away the bright, curious children who's eyes light up as they enter my classroom only because of cost. 

Our program at Bright Scholars Academy provides a Montessori curriculum for children from the ages of 18 months up to and including 5 1/2 years old in all areas of social, emotional, physical, intellectual and cognitive development. Each home, child, and family is recognized as being unique. Family styles, values, cultures and traditions are respected and reflected in the curriculum. We offer Full-Day, Half-Day, and Part-Time programming to fit a working parent's schedule from Monday to Friday all year round. This includes a fun-filled Summer Camp and March Break Camp for your convenience. We are located right off of Highway 10 and Dundas, across Cooksville Go Station at 3180 Kirwin Ave. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (905) 896-4553 if you would like more information or if you would like to discuss this with me further.  I am also available via email at

I am so glad to see a forum like this for all Canadians to be heard and respected for their beliefs, this is what makes our country so great.

Thank you.

anyone needs a daycare


We have a private daycare avaliable for anyone is interested. We only charge $25 per person and everything included except diapers. We live in aylmer, so if anyone needs a child that need to care, we will take full responsibility and help their child to grow. please us at 819-684-7261!

Thank You 

Working for free

I am the mother of a 3 year old boy living in Halifax.  After spending months on several daycare waiting lists I finally got my son in to a centre but am now realizing that two thirds of my salary is going to childcare.  Once you account for gas and other work expenses, I truly feel as though I am working for nothing.  I would never have thought that going back to work would be so cost prohibitive.  In another year he will be starting school, we are on a countdown because it will finally be free!  I cannot understand how the government can pay for schooling and not daycare.  Something needs to be done.  When two parents who make okay money all of a sudden have a hard time making rent because of the cost of childcare I can say for certain that there is a big problem.

Better salary and benefits for ECE


I am a graduating ECE, I have concerns regarding this field where I am about to enter. First, our current user fees are too expensive for the parents, they are not affortable for parents, the waiting list are too long and there are not enough spaces for child care. And researches showed that ECEs’ wages have not changed much over the years. Although the average pay is around $16, many ECEs get paid less than $16 and the salary stays fixed for many years. ECEs are looking after our children who are our future. ECE deserves to get a better pay and be recognized for their hard work. Although the college of ECEs is established, it’s not enough, and there’s more we can do. As a graduating ECE, Here's what I believe in:-Early Childhood Educators have the Right to decent pay, salary and benefits-Children have the Right to nurturing environment-Parents have the Right to high quality child care with affordable costs

Yours sincerely,


I have my ECE and graduated

I have my ECE and graduated in 2009, my first job i was paid $12.25 an hour. My second job i was paid $14.00. Considering I still want to own a house, a car, have a family that i can support through my field as an ECE i decided to go back to school to get my BA.

I am in my last year of my program, and need to write a thesis. I have decided to write about ECE wages and see if it has a connection with program quality. Within my program i had to do a internship. I completed this at a Daycare where the staff get paid between $22-$26 an hour, just to start. They get an anual raise every year. I personally saw the difference in this center, through my work experience.


Once i complete my thesis, ill post again with my findings, and let you know:)

As a new ECE graduate

As a new ECE graduate im concern about my profession. I dont know where this situation will lead us in this field. Already so many ECE's lost their jobs becuase of this new issue/problem that arrived. I am affraid that it will be very hard to get a job with good desrving salary, where I can have a standard living life. Also in this field most of us dont get benifts which can somehow balance the salary. Over all im very much concern about this matter as a new graduate and ECE's out there.

Salary and Benefits for Early Childhood Educators

Hello Everyone,

I am a student of Early Childhood Education Program at Centennial College. As a 4th semester student our group is advocating for Salaries and Benefits of ECE's. We do understand that ECE's play a vital role in the life of children. They deserve to be recognized and have a better salary and facilities as any other profession. Please support us in this fight by responding to the blog or you can log on to our facebook page!/EceSalaryBenefits to show that we are not alone.

  • Writing a letter to the MP (coming soon)

We as a group will be writing a letter to the MP to advocate for the salaries and benefits of ECE. We will be covering the points that reflect the importance of this change within our community.